tagg-it Social Printer

tagg-it is a social media hashtag printer and live feed. It collects photos uploaded on selected social media platforms with your event or brand hashtag and prints these on-site on high quality branded photo paper and shows them in your choice of a number specially designed slideshows or on a live wall.

tagg-it actively encourage your audience to use your event or brand hashtag on the content they upload on their social media networks.
This social media exposure is invaluable and free!

Everybody likes a cool free gift. Not only does your audience get to take away their own printed photo for free, the photo is printed on your designed paper, which means they also take your brand or event memory home with them.


For more information visit www.tagg-it.com


  • tagg-it attended spark7 with the tagg-it social printer on the Influencer Video Con 17 from April until November through Austria. The Influencer Video Con 17 made 8 stops to get the social media followers’ money worth.
    The guests of the Influencer Video Con had the opportunity to meet their favourite Influencer face-to-face and got entertained by the influencers’ live-programme.
    Guests who posted pictures on Social Media with the hashtag #glaubandich could print these pictures with the tagg-it social printer.
    These give-aways created a special and personal memory for the guests of the spark7 Influencer Video Con 17.
  • tagg-it also attended the Canon Testtage 2017 with the tagg-it social printer.
    Canon toured from May until August throughout Austria. The visitors could discover the variety of photography together with Canon and tagg-it.
    It was not relevant how experienced the visitors’ photography skills have been because everybody could find the perfect equipment to capture their favourite motives and adventures on camera with the best picture quality.
    Visitors could check out the Canon assortment in six places all over Austria.
    Online posted snap-shots could have been printed with the tagg-it social printer.
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