Cube Lounge

This year we designed a completely unique lounge idea for one of our clients. We built two large Cubes (10m and 8m) and attached neonflex on the outside that accentuates the outlines at night. The Cubes have been designed to invite guests in, with a lounge area on one side (with artificial grass and especially designed plateaus) and a party area in the front. One of the Cubes had a bar inside and the other Cube housed our specially designed Mini Cube Karaoke. We also had the tagg-it GIF Booth in action.

Besides the Cubes we also built the camping site airstream sales area with the refurbished airstream, along with our awesome Can Coolers. Promoters were present all over the festival site with our High Lights and the newly refurbished cigarette sales outlet was also there. We also had our XL Letters and our sleek and durable event dispensers in action.

The Cubes, the camping airstream set-up, and the sales outlet along with all our amazing event tools will be at Frequency Festival 2017 and Nova Rock Festival 2017. Come and visit us!

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